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V plzeňském A.C.W. Saloonu se dne 30.3.2012 uskutečnil koncert klatovské kapely The Shower aneb Rock ´n´roll is Here To Stay. Zazněly nejrůznější šlágry a hity 50. a 60. let, které roztančily celý Saloon.
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The Shower
Leona Machálková
Vladimír Hron
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As a preparation for the advanced placement exams, our geography teacher started a project when every student had to cover his regular shower curtain with all different models and informations we learned during the year, and then hang it in the room in order to actually read it :-)
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In this album:

Úlfjosvatsn - building of shelfes
Skogar - building of forest path
Visit of Skogafoss
Brynjuladur valey:
- tee pee
- trip to Glymur waterfall
- cleaning in forest of chrismass tree
- Shower in river
..and many more adveture :-)

blog report(cze) http://endriju.blogspot.com/2014/07/forestry-in-land-of-fire-and-ice-16.html
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And this is us!!!!!!!! :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPeH6eDQqmM
The longest VF in Switzerland, brief info - 216 metres of ladders and over 2,000 metres of steel cable, 100 metres long natural cave traversed on the way, climbing about 1,000 metres of altitude... At the end of it a light shower started, with thunderstorm and some lightinings about and around... At that time I was asking God to be nice to us... And he was... The rain changed into some snow on the top of Daubenhorn summit 2,941 metres above sea level, or let´s say about a few meters lower as we didn´t feel like making it to the traditional cross on the top in such weather and tried to hide under some rocks to protect us from the rain which was kind of useless anyway as everybody was being drenched and rather cold already... And here we go, there is still the way going down to the fenicular again, in the continuous rain, through some snow patches and the icy glacier "path" which was very steep and incredibly icy! :-( Well, the rain was pushing us to go really fast so we made it faster than the estimated 2 hours average descending time! We had some hot chocolate and cakes while being all wrapped in blankets which were available in the restaurant at the cable car. Well, a real challenge with everything that goes with it, indeed! But I enjoyed it soooo very much and didn´t even bitch about all the weather conditions and stuff and that is rather unusual to my traditional way! :-) BTW this YouTube video from someone is quite nice to get an idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_acef7_IZMY :-)

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