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  • {POPISEK reklamního článku, také dlouhý přes dva a možná dokonce až tři řádky, končící na tři tečky...}
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  • 5.9.2009
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Praha - Holešovice
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  • 9.3.2013
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Steering Tie Rods are provisional.
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Hot Rods, Tuning a nadupany kary
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  • 12.7.2009
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Toto jsou moje fota co jsem nafotil ve hře Rigs of Rods...
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Tradiční přejezd na závěr lyžařské sezony - počasí typicky horské - začátek slunečný, pak déšť, na vrcholcích silný vichr, mlha na dohled 2 kůly :-)
Traditional ski tour for the ending of ski season - typical mountain weather - beginning with sun, then rain, strong wind, fog and visibility to 2 rods:-)
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  • 20.3.2010
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  • 12.7.2014
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This kit is suitable for suzuki rg400 or 500.

This kit (if you have suzuki rg400) will increase the price of your bike because full volume make from rg400 rg500 and send it to King class(not only cheap japanese copy).Selling price of rg500 are nearly 2x higher then 400!

To my 570ccm Kit:

All after renovation:

Rebuilt stock rg400(5transfers)-transf.high-39mm from deck, exhaust high 27mm from deck.
Recommend.:exhaust high 27mm will work well, but 26mm can be more revvy and better, so I left the exhaust port height on 27mm- (depend on each user how he will match. the port).

Sleeves are from racing material-NiReSist, this mater.used Jawa (dirt track) as fuel were methanol, from outside are liners and aluminium cylinders from inside grinded and then liners cooled and aluminium cylinders heated up and together assembled.(precise work in a professional workshop).(clearance liners-alu cylinders 0,05mm)
These cylinders are possible to rebore up to 60mm.


New pistons from R.Lance(also tuned by Rick L.) in 2009.
(They are lightened- around 160grams).

Cylinder liners are honed.
Clearance piston-cylinder sleeve 0,08mm.

Cylinders are with PVs....new gaskets and simerrings.

Exhaust rg400, modified:
Stock bodies but on the inputs(from cylinders) are pipes in diam.38mm-in length ca.120mm rebuilts.
All pipes are inside cleaned and polished(inside metal wires...... no more).
Outside new black coating.
Upper pipes are have racing cans(because are they shorer they have inside of cans adjustahle gas flow- because of back pressure).
Lower pipes are also racing but inside diam. only 19mm also- because of back pressure.
Now minus 1/3 all weight of exhausts.

Cylinder heads- custom cnc machined grooves for O rings, combustion chamber volume(incl 1/2 of spark plug) 13ccm.Incl. 50C thermostat.

Con rods-used but can continue to work , looks well.
Upper bearings, washers and p.pins(from honda rs 125) -are new.
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