Stavební firma na trhu od roku 2012.
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FKMB r. 2012 - U10
Topshipping is a number one international company offers solutions and services in the field of  sourcing, international and domestic freight forwarding, Customs clearance, cargo insurance, end to end logistics, pickup and delivery services. It had been founded in 2012 and its headquarter is in Shenzhen. Also, it's branch offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Beijing, Tianjin etc. So, it doesn't matter what your location is, we are always at your service.Topshipping is thinking about providing the most effective in freight forwarding and sourcing services. We're proud of our experts and agents who're offering efficient solutions for each and every problem and challenge. The Topshipping committed people, as a result of familiarity with the mazes and shortcuts of every route, try to meet up your needs. From easy to complex processes, we handle everything.We gives you comprehensive info on shipping from China to USA. By the advent of technology and the growth in economic relationships between countries, international shipping is changed to a vital point which affects these connections. Regarding to distance, time and cost, you will find different solutions to transfer cargos in one country to some other and all of them has its benefits and drawbacks.
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