Narodila som sa v sobotu 13.12. 2008 presne o 16.42. Bola to rychlovecka a maminku som potrapila iba trosicku. Odteraz jej a ockovi budem robit len radost.
Tu su fotky z prvych dvoch dnickov mojho zivota. Zatial fotenie nepatri medzi moje oblubene cinnosti a ako uvidite, vypracovala som si anti-papparazzi styl zajkryvania tvaricky ruckami, ale to je len preto, ze si musim na tento svet mimo bruska zvyknut... Majte sa krasne, ozvem sa opat coskoro!

I was born on Saturday 13/12/08 at 4.42PM. It was a job done pretty quickly and I made my mummy suffer only a little. From now on, I will make her and daddy nothing but happy.
Here are the pics from the first two days of my life. Posing for photos has not been my favourite thing so far and as you can see, I´ve developed an anti-papparazzi style of covering my face with my tiny hands, but that´s only cause I need to get used to this world outside of mummy´s womb....You take care, I´ll be in touch shortly!
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  • 14.12.2008
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podtitul: Nejdůležitější město Krymské války.

Cherson: Chersonesos (Greek: ??????????; Latin: Chersonesus; Old East Slavic: ???????, Korsun; Ukrainian and Russian: ????????, Khersones; also transliterated as Chersonese, Chersonesos, Cherson) was an ancient Greek colony founded approximately 2500 years ago in the southwestern part of Crimea, known then as Taurica. The colony was established in the 6th century BC by settlers from Heraclea Pontica.

The ancient city is located on the shore of the Black Sea at the outskirts of Sevastopol on the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine, where it is referred to as Khersones. It has been nicknamed the "Ukrainian Pompeii" and "Russian Troy". The name "Chersonesos" in Greek means simply "peninsula", and aptly describes the site on which the colony was established. It should not be confused with the Tauric Chersonese, the name often applied to the whole of the southern Crimea along with "Taurica".

During much of the classical period the town was a d
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  • 9.9.2007
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  • {POPISEK reklamního článku, také dlouhý přes dva a možná dokonce až tři řádky, končící na tři tečky...}
Cesta od nuly až navrchol alis Játro Team vyhrává Harcovskou fotbalovou ligu. / When the losers become the best alias Játro Team has won Campus soccer league.
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  • květen 2008
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Let v 7.00 z Prahy - Ruzyně, Camp Vliegenbos, Muzeum Konopí a Haše, Zaanse Schans, Loď Amsterdam, World of Ajax (Amsterdam Arena), Vondelpark, Ajax Amsterdam 1:0 Roda JC, pláž v Zandvoort a Zee, Odlet v 19.25 z Amsterdam - Schiphol
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  • září 2008
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Obsah pokračuje za reklamou
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With rented car, we had no problems reaching Krka from Zadar. We wisited only biggest waterfal Skradinski buk but park has much more to offer.
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  • 14.5.2008
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Especially for Valeri, Dough and Madison :

I don´t know guys if you remember about our czech tradition on 12/5. Usually families with small child hire a ,, MIKULÁŠ, ČERT A ANDĚL,, what means Nicholas, devil and Angle. (usually some students), and they go to your house, you give them some stuff, that you want to they give to ur child, and than your totaly scared child has to say some poe, or sing some song, and has to promise , that he will not be bad boy/girl any more, and than the angel gives him/her the stuff (candys, and some small toy). It usually lasts about 10 minutes, and than these students go to another family, that hired tham, and scare another childern... :-D
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  • prosinec 2008
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Everything, that has a beginning, has an end. (The Matrix) Jo, zas dva dny.
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  • 10.4.2008
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  • 11.3.2008
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zachytila jsem pouze...Kaori Ito(JAP):Cunningham a Nadia-Karine Hasa(FRA):moderna
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  • 27.7.2008
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2007_12_29 - devils christmas, terasa club
sun has gone, !úl, regiment /pl/, sidhe /pl/
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  • 28.12.2007
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  • 30.11.2008
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Is an oasis 250km from Damascus. It has long been a vital caravan city for travellers crossing the Syrian desert. For her Greco-Roman ruins is one of the most visited places in Syria.
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  • 7.11.2008
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After 20 years of delivering the most eviscerating Death Metal in the world, time has come to give you the ultimate DISMEMBER show featuring:

Fred Estby
David Blomqvist
Robert Sennebäck
Matti Kärki
Richard Cabeza
Magnus Sahlgren
Sharlee D..Angelo
Martin Persson
Johan Bergebäck
Tobias Cristiansson
Thomas Daun

The show will feature all members and releases ever in a complete chronological order, starting off as the demo-trio formation and moving on though Dismember history til.. the present line up.



Debaser Medis
Medborgarplatsen 8
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  • 22.11.2008
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7.8.2007 - Martin has 3 years
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  • 1.1.2008
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Dětičky měli včera 1. týden a tak je čas na další sérii fotek. Štěňátkům už začíná prostupovat hnědá barva a krásně přibírají na váze. Největší buřtík Jack má už 540g!!!! :o) Za pomoc a dekoraci děkuji Martině :o) / Our kids are 1 week old. We made new pictures :o) They becomming to be brown and grow up very well. The biggest puppy "Jack" has over half 1 kg!!! :o)))
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"Cloud Gate" sculpture (by British artist - Anish Kapoor) near entry to park. The sculpture has become affectionately known to Chicagoans as "the Bean".
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  • 3.12.2007
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Začal bych asi takto.... Na západ a sever od města Bradfort se rozkládají pitoreskní rašeliniště – známé Ilkley Moor.....takže dobrý začátek pro naplánování výletu na Čihadla Anglie. Výprava měla být podle plánu cca na 4 hodinky, ale jaksi se to vymklo z rukou a byli jsme v bažinách až do setmění....

Na netu jsem našel tento text:
kniha: Aspects od Evocation
Autor: Phil Hine
a pár větiček kde se zmiňuje o dáné oblasti:
........"Another area, perhaps of more interest to UK EOD initiates is Ilkley Moor, which has a long, and well-documented history of strange phenomena encountered, from ghosts and black dogs to UFOs and what modern researchers in the field of Earth Mysteries call Earth Lights.".........."A UFO 'flap' around Ilkley Moor in 1984 appears to validate this theory, as it followed an exceptional earthquake in that area, which measured at 5.5 on the Richter Scale"..... takže si o tomto nádherném místu můžete udělat obrázek samy....
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  • leden 2008
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We have stereotype that drop of water has sphere shape but those came from fairy tale...
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  • 9.11.2008
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clarissa další zajímací večer:D:D njn....i to se stává:D
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  • 16.11.2008
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This is an amazing thing. You can´t have something like this anywhere else. It is only here. The wather has 33% of salt sou you don´t need to do anything...just sleep in sea:-)
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  • 11.11.2008
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