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125 fotek, červenec 2017, 85 zobrazení
some pisc from amazing week in Herlíkovice
8 fotek, červenec 2017, 22 zobrazení
65 fotek, srpen 2015, 254 zobrazení
151 fotek, srpen 2016, 100 zobrazení
435 fotek, srpen 2014, 431 zobrazení
363 fotek a 3 videa, léto 2010, 49 zobrazení
101 fotek, zima 2017/2018, 26 zobrazení | sport
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77 fotek, srpen 2009, 128 zobrazení
Our last day in the space center :(.. MAT, dropping eggs from the second floor, GRADUATION! ...And... Bye bye.. It was a great week with all of you (von Tiesenhausen team!) :-)
169 fotek, 30.7.2009, 81 zobrazení
Rockets launch (unfortunately, our rocket "egg force one" didn't make it at least 3 meters hight, therefore we were disqualified (- eh, not even one meter I think...)).. But the other two rockets had a problem with opening the parachute, so... All three eggs were broken :)../ Then our last teambuilding activity in Area 51! (The wall)./ Presentation of astronaut Bob Springer. / Escaping from a sinking helicopter (haha)../ Moon walk chair / Our room (you don't want to see that mess :D)
85 fotek, 29.7.2009, 69 zobrazení
Delta AOA mission, building rockets (the last part)... EDM mission (I was in the mission control, so you can see photos of a crazy gas man :D, CATO with flowers etc..)
62 fotek, 28.7.2009, 69 zobrazení
Another day in U.S. Space and rocket center, Alabama... What you can find here: Aviation challange base, another AOA mission, building rockets... etc..and for the second time Area 51 :)
174 fotek, 25.7.2009, 99 zobrazení
...Tak abyste měli představu, kde se zrovna nacházím :) Toto album je z cesty a prvního dne tady, tzn. 24.-25.7 2009.. asi to nestihnu okomentovat, bohužel, budu muset jít, ale alespoň něco... Posílám pozdravy z Huntsville, Alabama. (Btw. je tu o sedm hodin méně :))
11 fotek, 8.6.2016, 12 zobrazení
4 fotky, 11.4.2015, 284 zobrazení
64 fotek, 27.7.2009, 88 zobrazení
Finally..:) I just got home from the U.S (on the internet again) therefore here are new photos from the third day! Mainly von Tiesenhausen team again... And... I don't even know what we were doing that day, I am totally destroyed from the flight right now.. G'night (mate :D)..
81 fotek, 26.7.2009, 345 zobrazení
Team Von Tiesenhau. On 26th July 2009 we did: 1st mission training, SCUBA DIVING!!! :)) isolation of DNA from a strawberry, 2nd mission training, briefing for building rockets (with eggstronauts :))... etc. At the end of a day, we tried to watch ISS, but it was too cloudy therefore we saw ...
U.S. space and rocket center, Huntsville, Alabama
1 fotka, 23.1.2017, 31 zobrazení
2 fotky, 27.6.2016, 3 zobrazení
181 fotek, červenec 2011, 35 zobrazení

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