Watch out for your children on Rajče as well

When you store your photographs on Rajče, keep your children in mind. Photographs on Rajče are accessible to everyone, so even strangers can see your children playing on a beach or in a pool. In the case of uploading naked children to the Internet, you not only expose them to your eyes and the eyes of your grandmother or friend, but to anyone using the Internet. Therefore, protect them from unwelcome visitors to your albums! Simply provide a code for any album with naked children. By uploading photographs of naked children to public albums, you violate Article 13 of our Rules.

Which albums do we recommend to be provided with a password?

  1. If a child is completely naked, it is necessary to provide the album with a password.

  2. If a child is only partially naked, i.e. the upper half of their body, it is up to you if you provide the album with a password.

You can provide your photos with a password in multiple ways

  1. When uploading photos to a new album on Rajče, select the "access with password" option which you will find next to the box for the name of the new album.

  2. If you want to provide an already recorded album with a password, click on the "edit" option that appears when you hover over your existing album. Only the people for whom they are intended will actually see your photographs!

Thank you for your trust and use of our services.

The Rajče Team