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  • {POPISEK reklamního článku, také dlouhý přes dva a možná dokonce až tři řádky, končící na tři tečky...}
proceed pleeease! ;)
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Four rainy days in the southern part of Slovenia... Dream trip didn´t proceed very well
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From Dong Ha, we proceed west on route 9 and pass a series of the old U.S Marines' firebases such as Camp Carroll, Fuller, Razorback ridge....The first stop is the Rockpile, an importanVietnam DMZ 1968t look-out of the Marines south of the DMZ. We will view the old tactical area where the Marines fought in the famous operations Hasting and Prairie. Our next stop is Dakrong bridge - the starting point one of the main branches of the legendry Ho Chi Minh Trail leading to the infamous Ashau Valley and the Hamburger Hill, then we keep driving up to Khe Sanh plateau, on the way we have a photostop at a beautiful village of the local Bru Montargnards . The last stop in the morning is Khe Sanh Combat Base, a large Marines base camp attacked by a massive forces of the North Vietnamese Army in early 1968, where we will spend ample time exploring this famous Marine Corps base. Drive back to Dong ha for lunch break. After lunch, we continue north to the old DMZ, the old de-facto border between North and South Vietnam for 18 years, where we will take a walk on the Freedom bridge across the Ben Hai river, the river that was the only true physical demarcation line between the two Vietnams. The last stop of the day is Vinh Moc tunnels, the refuge of some 400 north Vietnamese refugees during the bombing operation "Rolling Thunder."
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